Why Tungsten Carbide?

Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness

Tungsten Carbide is Forever 

When Tungsten and a Carbon alloy are combined, they form an incredible material called Tungsten Carbide. Tungsten Carbide is very durable - one of the hardest and densest metals used anywhere. Unlike other metals, under everyday conditions it will not scratch, bend or tarnish. Under normal conditions your ring will keep it's lustre, shine and shape for life. We are so confident that we guarantee it.

Tungsten Carbide is Classy & Modern

The colour of Tungsten Carbide is very sexy. The ring has much more life to it than a standard titanium or gold ring and the lasting mirror finish on the smooth tungsten rings catches the eye like a diamond would.

We make Tungsten Carbide Affordable

With a Tungsten Carbide ring from Black Tie Rings, you get top quality Tungsten Carbide at a price no retailer can match. Compare a Tungsten Carbide ring to the price of a similar Gold or Titanium ring and you will see just how smart an investment this is. Next consider that your purchase from Black Tie Rings will look new for ten times longer than those metals and you will see why this is the best choice.

Tungsten Carbide is Unique

Tungsten Carbide is all the best combinations of classy designs, everlasting quality and modern materials. A Tungsten Carbide ring from Black Tie Rings is just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

Tungsten Carbide is Safe

You may have heard that rings made of hard metals cannot be removed in case of an emergency. This is not true for Tungsten Carbide. Though extremely hard, Tungsten Carbide will break into pieces under very high pressure - without bending. You can safely remove a Tungsten Carbide ring from a finger in the event of an emergency using common vice-grips that are found in almost every tool kit. You can even check with your local hospital; they are equipped to remove any kind of ring and are no strangers to Tungsten Carbide. No sharp blades or power tools required!

 Easy Tungsten Carbide Ring Removal

To remove a Tungsten Carbide Ring from a finger in an emergency, all you need to do is get a standard medium-sized pair of vice grips and follow these simple instructions. Please wear safety goggles when attempting to remove the ring using this method.
  1. Open the vice grips all the way.
  2. Place the vice grips around the ring and adjust the knob until they are securely holding the ring.
  3. Open them again and close the mouth of the grips by one quarter turn of the adjustment knob.
  4. Clamp down again until the grips lock in place.
  5. Open them again and adjust the mouth again one quarter turn smaller, repeating the process until the ring breaks into easily removed pieces. Please be careful of the pieces as they will have sharp edges.
No dangerous saws or cutting tools are needed.

Please note that we do not encourage you to try and damage your ring or attempt to test this process, this should only be done in an emergency.